The Journal of Contemporary ISTDP - Issue #1

The Journal of Contemporary ISTDP comes out twice per year and is packed with about 100 pages of articles about ISTDP: stories, debate, transcripts, theory and learning chronicles. The articles of the journal are written by scholars and therapists from the ISTDP community, and the material is subjected to peer-review to ensure the scholarly quality.


Standard subscription

The standard annual subscription costs €60 euros and includes two issues (shipping included). Click here for the standard subscription.

Supportive subscription

The supportive subscription starts at €80 euros and includes two issues (shipping included), plus the following bonuses:

– Early preview. You will get a sneak peak of each issue before publication.
Early access. You will get the print journal before everyone else.
Author webinars. You will be invited to author webinars. Following the publication of each issue, we will organize talks where our editors engage in live conversations with the authors of key articles from the journal.
Exclusive content. You will be offered exclusive bonus content such as articles, podcasts and youtube clips.

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Student/Lower income country subscription

The student/lower income country subscription costs €50 euros and includes two issues (shipping included). This form of subscription is aimed towards undergraduate/graduate students and people residing in countries where a standard psychotherapy session fee is below €60. Use the coupon code “JCISTUDENT” for the price reduction. Click here for the subscription link.


When individual issues are available, they will be sold here.