About the journal

The foundation for the Contemporary Journal of ISTDP was laid down by Thomas Hesslow, Kata Tamás, Johannes Kieding and Mikkel Reher-Langberg in 2023. The idea for the journal came up because of the increasing community need for a platform where ideas, theory, history, research and persons related to ISTDP can meet, communicate and grow together. The first issue will come out in early 2024.

Mission statement

The main goal of publishing the Journal of Contemporary ISTDP is to contribute to building the international ISTDP community. We strive to deepen communication and collaboration within this community while also promoting openness to diverse perspectives and dialogue with the psychotherapeutic field as a whole. We strive to foster a culture that embraces egalitarianism while celebrating differences. In addressing all things related to ISTDP, we also aim to contribute to the professional and personal development of our readers.